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High-end Nanny and Housekeeping Staff Agency, operating in
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SOS Genitori is a prestigious search and selection agency for housekeeping and childcare staff, with years of experience in the SELECTION of high-end NANNIES and HOUSEKEEPERS.

SOS Genitori has been operating for years on the Italian and international markets, offering outstanding quality standards and guaranteeing our clients professional, confidential, exclusive services.

Looking for a professional NANNY

Are you a nanny or housekeeping professional
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SOS Genitori is aware of how difficult and time-consuming it is to select experienced, reliable, competent professionals, so we endeavour to make your search a quick, trouble-free process.

Thanks to our careful examination of references, practical verification of skills and the training provided by our School for Nannies, SOS Genitori is able to carry out a timely selection, guaranteeing only professionals of the highest order.

SOS Genitori also stands out on the market as the only search and selection agency that conducts a careful analysis of the needs of each client, offering a detailed service tailored to their individual requirements and preferences.