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Consulting for new mothers

Parenting is the most difficult job in the world, and becoming a mother can bring with it a series of profoundly contrasting emotions: on the one hand, the joy of caring for our little one, and on the other, the fear of not being up to the challenge that lies ahead of us.

If you too would like to experience this important moment in your life with the assistance of experts in the sector, send us your preferences and we’ll be delighted to help you with the formula best suited to your needs: we’ll help you choose the professional you require (midwife, maternity nanny, psychologist and/or paediatrician), and we’ll build a consulting service tailored to your situation!

A few examples of the formulas we can offer you:

Assistance during and/or after the birth: our professional figures can help you during pregnancy and during the delicate period after the birth, providing a fully comprehensive consulting service on the various aspects of the splendid adventure that is becoming a mother!

Consulting in your home from a Maternity Nanny or Midwife: to give you help and support during your first months as a mother (assisting with breastfeeding issues, sleep patterns, bathing your baby and dealing with colic, etc.).

Twins Package:  an attentive, professional service specially studied for all mothers and mothers-to-be getting ready to experience twice the joy.

Premature Baby: our professionals will provide you with useful resources and advice on how to give preemies the special care they need to complete their physical and mental development outside of their mother’s womb.

Becoming a Mother: Consulting for new mums on how to organise your baby’s day. One of our maternity nannies or midwives will offer you useful tips on how to immediately create a calm environment for your child, as well as support for all the little difficulties presented by caring for the new arrival, such as bringing up milk, colic, establishing a sleep routine, etc.

Nights: a maternity nanny or midwife will take of your baby through the night, so you can get some rest and get back some time for yourself!