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Nanny & Housemaid

The ALL-PURPOSE NANNY or NANNY & HOUSEMAID is a professional who takes care both of the rearing the children and managing and cleaning the home (cooking, cleaning, wardrobe management, shopping, dog sitting, etc.).

This figure is very useful for homes where the children are already attending nursery or primary school. Thanks to her excellent organisational skills, she is able both to attend to the daily cleaning and management of the home and to take care of and stimulate the children when they are at home, by guaranteeing those little details that make a big difference, such as allowing parents to come home to dinner on the table, or letting them sleep in on a Saturday morning while she takes care of the children, etc.

SOS Genitori NANNIES & HOUSEMAIDS have at least two years’ experience in families, and have excellent references; some have also attended courses in Italian cooking or basic tailoring.

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